Disruptor League


Real talk with industry leaders sharing disruptive ideas for the future

The Disruptor League CEO, Shawn Nason, will be connecting with leaders from different industries to talk all things disruption.
From game-changing ideas to trends for the future, these LIVE chats will provide incredible insight for disruption leaders around the world.
But don’t wait, spots are limited for each episode so be sure to register in advance. 


Episode 02

Building Your Toolkit for Blowing Sh*t Up!

Featuring Shawn Nason & Simeon Sessley

To be a disruptor, you have to have a kick-ass box of tools and you have to know how to use them. We’re bringing the tribe together to unlock the potential of tools like MOFI’s “YES! Kit” (innovation in a box) and then crowd-sourcing the most impactful tools that people use throughout the Disruptor League. After the event, you’ll get a list of all of the resources with ideas how they could be used to influence change in your organization.

Limited spots available


Episode 01

Irrational Finance in an Irrational World

Featuring Shawn Nason & Shawn DeMain