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The Disruptor League CEO, Shawn Nason, will be connecting with leaders from different industries to talk all things disruption.
From game-changing ideas to trends for the future, these LIVE chats will provide incredible insight for disruption leaders around the world.
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Episode 08

Designing for a Just World: A Place to Call Home

Featuring Shawn Nason & Colin Egglesfield

What makes a house a home? Whatever home means to you, the place where you live affects and reflects how you view yourself and the world. So what if you live in a long-forgotten neighborhood in one of America’s most segregated cities? On our next episode we connect with actor and philanthropist Colin Egglesfield, who has managed to fuse his passion for real estate with his philanthropic spirit. A Chicago native, Colin founded Stage 2 Properties, a full-service real estate firm dedicated to revitalizing Chicagoland neighborhoods and sending ripples of support, pride, and a whole lot of love through the community. Join us as we dig into what it means to reclaim the old and create places people can be proud to call home.

Friday, August 28 at 11:00am EDT

Limited spots available

Episode 09

Shawn & Sean Unfiltered

Featuring Shawn Nason & Sean Slovenski

On this episode of the Disruptor Connection, Shawn Nason (Lead Disruptor @ Disruptor League) collides with Sean Slovenski (former vice president of health and wellness @ Walmart) for a can’t-miss meeting of two truly unique minds. After successfully launching Walmart’s innovative Health Centers, Slovenski is dreaming about new adventures, and Shawn Nason is ready to explore the brain of the person Modern Healthcare dubbed one of the 10 most influential people in healthcare. Join us for an “anything can happen” conversation with two unconventional thinkers as they talk about how to disrupt the healthcare industry. Brace yourself – anything could happen when Shawn and Sean connect!

Friday, September 11 at 11:00am EDT

Limited spots available


Episode 01

Irrational Finance in an Irrational World

Featuring Shawn Nason & Shawn DeMain

Episode 02

Building Your Toolkit for Blowing Sh*t Up!

Featuring Shawn Nason & Simeon Sessley

Episode 03

Healing the Divide: Designing for a Just World

Featuring Shawn Nason & Robin Beers

Episode 04

From Bar to Barre: Guts, Grit, Fire, and Disruption

Featuring Shawn Nason & Allison Parc

Episode 05

Designing for a Just World: Claiming the Past to Move Us Forward

Featuring Shawn Nason, Robin Beers, Cheryl D. Miller

Episode 06

Designing for a Just World: Blowing Up Diversity and Inclusion

Featuring Shawn Nason
& Dr. Kelechi Uwaezuoke