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Disruptor League Get Out Of The Gender Ghetto

Get Out of the Gender Ghetto

By Federica D’Armento and Aleksandra Orman-Lorenz It’s the year 2277, and women have finally achieved equal pay at work. This is not the apocalyptic ending of a Hollywood movie. This may be the reality in 257 years. This is actually what the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 says: men and women will …

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Changing the world … for good

I attended a very special meeting of minds in a remote part of Yorkshire, England at The Centre of Management Creativity, hosted by John Varney, a great mentor who was instrumental in my decision to start my business some 25 years ago. I chose to take the train and bicycle to reach this very special place.  This …

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Innovating for Success after COVID19

We will beat the COVID19 virus, and innovation will play a key role in that victory.  We will find new treatments, using either new drugs, or hopefully fast-tracking reapplication of existing ones.  We will reapply existing technology to mass produce respirators. Nothing spurs innovation like a crisis, or a war, and we are in the middle of …

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