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Peter Cook

Questions for the 4th Industrial Age

Klaus Schwab said that we must develop a comprehensive and globally shared view of how technology is affecting our lives and reshaping our economic, social, cultural, and human environments. There has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril. We can either find ways to harmonise man, woman, and machine, or fight with …

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Changing the world … for good

I attended a very special meeting of minds in a remote part of Yorkshire, England at The Centre of Management Creativity, hosted by John Varney, a great mentor who was instrumental in my decision to start my business some 25 years ago. I chose to take the train and bicycle to reach this very special place.  This …

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Design Innovation – The Fender Stratocaster

Real world product and service design brings together form and function in ways that emphasise product/service features so that they convert to real and perceived customer benefits. There is often a great deal of redundancy in the design process. For example, one of the key weaknesses of early electric guitars was the fact that the …

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Innovation Failure Lessons from Virgin, Pfizer, Rock n Roll

I was called up by Sir Richard Branson’s first hire at Virgin Atlantic and recommended to contact a company called F*** Up Nights. Virgin’s David Tait had spoken at one of their events in NYC on Virgin’s more glorious failures and he thought I may have a story to share. Failure can be a much more powerful learning tool in business than success if we are willing to learn from it.

Innovation through Intelligence – Call for case studies

I’ve been commissioned to write a new book for Routledge with the working title “Brain Based Enterprises” for 2017 following my 7th piece of work, “Leading, Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise” for Bloomsbury. I’m looking for businesses and organisations who wish to participate via case studies or mini cameos with attendant PR benefits for those enterprises and individuals that contribute.

Leonard Cohen R.I.P.

A few years back I performed a tribute to Leonard Cohen at The Edinburgh Festival. As a result I became fascinated by the man behind the seemingly sombre songs, although I came to learn of a much lighter and humorous individual behind the poems through that process. In common with other poets who set their …

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Personal Mastery : An interview with Ida Nielsen - Bass Anchor for Prince - Innovation Excellence

Personal Mastery : An interview with Ida Nielsen – Bass Anchor for Prince

I had the unique privilege of interviewing Ida Nielsen, bass anchor for Prince and now stepping out in her own right as a singer – songwriter, following Prince’s tragic and premature death, age 57. In the interview and subsequent private conversations with Ida I¬†discussed a number of topics¬†with parallel lessons for anyone seeking to innovate …

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