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"Innovation isn't work, it's a lifestyle." I have the amazing honor to help teams, organizations, and individuals tap into their creative mind and create ideas and solutions they never dreamed of. Much like the orchestra director, I get to help orchestrate and lead transformational and renovation innovation. I have a successful 20+ year career driving exponential growth, improved efficiency, and innovative initiatives. Offering a solid foundation in organizational and change management, leadership development, training, finance, and process and procedure improvements. Inspirational leader gaining confidence from key executives, stakeholders, peers, and employees at all levels. My passion is my wife, daughter, and son (otherwise known as the Queen, Princess, and Prince), music (I play the piano), and shopping. Most of all I just love life!

What’s Your Take

The coronavirus has now been labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization. So what does innovation look like in a time of crisis? How do we respond as innovators? Click “Read More” to join the discussion.

How Science Can Unlock the Eureka Experience

I believe that innovation and design are ultimately about people. Psychology, and the perceptual and behavioral sciences represent the best understanding we have today about how people think. So to take our innovation to the highest level, we need to borrow extensively from them whenever we can.

Nudity, Great Food and Disruptive Innovation

Both Playboy magazine and restaurateur Danny Meyer have been in the news this week for disruptive business model innovations that challenge deeply help assumptions within the respective worlds. Disrupting yourself in risky, but can be a hard necessity if the world you operate in is changing in ways that leave you vulnerable to external disruption. However, how many businesses would be able to embrace this kind of reinvention of their business models? When was the last time you confronted you hidden assumptions and ‘givens’.

Why I Moved to Vegas, and What It Can Teach Us About Innovation

I’ve fallen in love with living in Las Vegas, but most people think I’m crazy to move here. I may well be, but in my defense, there is a huge difference between the Vegas I know, and the Vegas that automatically springs to most peoples minds. This disconnect between what most people think Vegas is, and how I think of it illustrates two really important biases that can impact innovation, and business productivity as a whole. One is the confirmation bias, the other is the illusion of understanding.

Innovation Judo – Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort

A core principles of Judo is is maximum efficiency, minimum effort. Directly resisting a more powerful opponent will typically result in defeat, but redirecting their momentum and power can make it possible for weaker opponents to beat significantly stronger ones. We can often apply similar strategies in innovation, and use the cause of a problem to solve it. In this way, the problem becomes the solution. Just as we…