Disruptor League

Archer Tope

Innovation Needs a Home

Innovation Needs a Home An innovation program needs a home. Many believe it should be as close to the business units or revenue source as possible. While occasionally this works, I have found if the innovation program is placed inside the business unit, typically it results in improvements vs. innovation. Innovation based in the individual …

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Innovation Misdirection

Sometimes the fact you are keeping a trade secret is well known in the marketplace. Your product may work better than competitors’ products; you may have a price advantage; or others just cannot replicate your product. Competitors may be working hard to reverse engineer or replicate your secrets. If you want to protect your trade …

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Inventors are Not Created Equal

How to Recognize and Grow Different Types of Inventors Innovators are often difficult to recognize. They don’t wear signs or fit a particular personality profile. Sometimes they quietly go through the day while drawing little attention to themselves and many times it seems they cannot stop talking about their ideas or inventions. What often happens …

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How to Actually Keep a Trade Secret

I can’t tell you it is a secret – well ok… Trade secrets have a number of fundamental flaws. Probably the most difficult thing about keeping a trade secret is your company has to be able to keep a secret. While the concept of keeping a secret is easy, the implementation can be extremely difficult. With …

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The Dysfunctional Innovation Ecosystem

We naturally think an ecosystem should be positive or encouraging toward their end goal and naturally evolve to support their stated purpose. However, innovation tends to be different. If left unchecked or allowed to evolve on its own, innovation within an organization tends to become an innovation prevention program instead of a positive ecosystem to …

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