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Our Story

In 2006, a group of innovation visionaries (Braden Kelley, Julie Anixter, Rowan Gibson, and Dean DeBiase), created the ground-breaking online community known as Innovation Excellence. Over the years, the network grew into a crowd-sourced innovation platform with a roster of over 32,000 subscribers and 48,000 connections on LinkedIn from over 175 countries.

In early 2020, Innovation Excellence disrupted itself when it was acquired by Shawn Nason, founder and CEO of MOFI, an experience-design SWAT team that’s laser-focused on disrupting the consumer experience. From the start, MOFI’s goal for Innovation Excellence was to respect and honor the past while kicking the future’s ass!

In April 2020, Innovation Excellence disrupted itself once again by becoming the Disruptor League. (Are you picking up on a theme yet?) Same top-shelf content and same focus on building a global community, just crank it up a notch or two and double-click on becoming a community that can change the world together.

A Note from Shawn

Dear Disruptors,

What a privilege it is to be the lead convener for such an amazing group of bold thinkers!

Like so many of you, the Innovation Excellence community has played a vital role in my journey as an innovator and disruptor. When the opportunity came to take the reins of this game-changing network, I couldn’t pass it up. The sky really is the limit to what we can do together.

As we rebrand to become the Disruptor League, here are some of my hopes for this tribe:

  • Let’s Live Our Mindsets. We need to be people who give a big enough sh*t about the future that we’re willing to take some risks, reach across silos, and embrace failure.
  • Let’s Unite Our Superpowers. Calling ourselves a “league” is intentional. The world of innovation and disruption is not for the faint of heart. We need each other.
  • Let’s Dig into Research and Training. It’s time to grow deep and grow wide. By pooling our resources, we can be the international trendsetters for trusted research and the go-to academy for learning.

While this transition to a new look and feel may seem small, it’s important. We’re leading with the mindset and intention to disrupt. We know that if we don’t deliver value to you, you will bail. It’s what motivates us to know you better, surprise you, and make it easy to be a part of our community.

Our intention is to lead with our hearts, be generous in everything we do, and become a platform for voices of disruptors to be heard no matter what part of the journey they are on. So please join us in this community, help us shape the what and the how, and most importantly have your voice be heard.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, hopes, and big ideas for the Disruptor League. We can’t make this happen without a ton of bold thinking from the entire community.   

Let’s do this!

Your Fellow Disruptor,

Shawn Nason
Lead Disruptor

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