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How to Design Your Innovation Organization

How to Design Your Innovation Organization

Practical Advice for the Chief Innovation Officer

While it’s non-negotiable that all innovation organizations should be aligned to business strategy, there are a few models for developing such organizations that provide flexibility for chief innovation officers. Which model is best for you?

Check out this video for answers: How To: Design Your Innovation Organization

In a functional model, individuals are deployed across innovation work streams. In the hierarchical model, everyone reports to a chief innovation officer. The matrix model involves both technology development and application.

When determining your innovation organization model, consider the strategy, align your deliverables against the business deliverables, and think about the competencies required to deliver those results.

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Lucio Pieroni is currently Senior Manager at Kalypso consulting. His expertise lies in the commercialization of successful products, organizational transformation, end-to-end cycle of innovation, and linking innovation and technology strategy to the business strategy. Lucio had 24 years of experience in R&D of large multi-national companies like P&G and Mars.

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