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How to Innovate Strategically [infographic]

Many organizations have a disciplined approach to innovation, one that may utilize multiple innovation methods in combination. Other companies execute without such a disciplined process.

No matter where an organization falls on this spectrum, there are four common approaches to innovation that companies utilize: Lean Startup, Design-Driven, Open Innovation and Crowdsourced Idea Management.

In the “How to Innovate…Strategically” paper, we examine how and when to use each of these methods, and which companies excel at each. We uncover the limitations and the challenges when implementing each method, and the top supporting tools for each approach. See Batterii’s How to Innovate Strategically infographic paper here.

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Nancy Koors is a growth strategist and business builder. She has been in roles as CEO, President, COO, CMO and CSO at companies ranging from $2MM – $55MM+ in various industries, but always around technology and professional services whether it’s an established organization that needs a jumpstart, or a start-up that has identified product/market fit and needs an experienced leader to go-to-market and help scale. Learn more about Batterii at batterii.com

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