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The Purposeful Approach to Change – Part 1

President & CEO of Gongos, Inc. Camille Nicita understands that today’s organizations find themselves in VUCA-laden environments; and that this dynamic new norm requires B-to-C companies to rethink their consumer intelligence strategies.

To gain competitive advantage, organizations need to apply foresight and get ahead of change. But purposeful change takes discipline and nimbleness – fail fast, learn to pivot, and honor your true competencies. Gongos has decided to stick to its core competencies while hiring and developing talent that better mirrors the marketplace and better serves clients. Discoverers (i.e. primary researchers), Scientists (i.e. “big” data analysts) and Curators (i.e. synthesizers/storytellers) make up the new Gongos, Inc., our pioneering Insights + Intelligence partner at Relevents.

But it’s not all hard intelligence, Gongos adopts an empathetic stance on its approach to guiding Global 1000 organizations toward gaining and applying wisdom to make better consumer-minded decisions. Join them in their quest to inspire you, too!

Watch her interview here.

We hope you enjoy part one of this two part video series. Gongos, Inc will also be joining us at next month’s Innovate @ TBD FEST! We hope to see you there.

image credit: Gongos, Inc.

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Camille Nicita serves as the President & CEO of Gongos, Inc. Camille’s passion for developing promising new talent is further channeled through her role as Chairperson of Michigan State University’s MSMR Advisory Board.

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