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Disrupt with Innovation: 500 searchable and tweetable US politicians

As the Twitterverse blows up with social causes – from the Baltimore protests to SCOTUS on gay marriage – Wikiburg releases the ReachOut browser plugin to help citizens start conversations directly with decision-makers. ReachOut is a Google Chrome browser plugin that allows users to search and tweet their elected representatives with relevant content straight off the browser. Simple and intuitive plugin, all it requires is simple download and you’re ready to go.

Twitter has become a significant platform for civic expression and engagement in recent years, but the masses have yet to take the transparent platform to tweet their elected officials. Now there’s ReachOut.

Wikiburg’s plugin makes it easier for citizens to reach out to elected representatives in a public sphere, to share relevant content and start a dialogue. Call it transparent lobbying in 140 characters or less.

This is the first Twitter extension of its kind to focus on elected politicians complete with verified Twitter handles of more than 500 elected representatives.

“We’re really proud to have created something that is meaningful, something that is really going to ignite the kind of social change my generation needs to see,” says Julia Geist, the 18-year old developer, an integral part of the Wikiburg team who helped in creating the database and plugin.
It is the first of many unique features from Wikiburg as the platform gets introduced in the coming months.

To download ReachOut and to find out more go to Wikiburg.com.

image credit: TechCrunch

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Ricardo Carlota is Wikiburg’s Chief Product Officer. He first cut his teeth in product development with Bloomberg LP as team lead in business systems. He ran operations for the Save Domino movement, from which Wikiburg hails. A first generation immigrant, Ricardo has a passion for service, seeking solutions through conscious rebellion and technology. He lives in Brooklyn.

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