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Flood, Bombs, and Bugs: a recipe FIT for disaster

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and infectious diseases are amongst some of the worst catastrophes in the world. This makes disaster and emergency planning such an important process in providing a safe haven for victims. Disaster preparation will not only save lives, but it can provide a blueprint for emergency personnel to better respond to these tough situations.

RELEVENTS recently detailed how four disasters benefited from technology and innovation created by the Field Innovation Team (FIT). It showed that drones and technology can not only pose as an infrastructure for setting emergency planning services in place, but it can also improve real-time decision making without putting human lives in danger.

Desi Matel-Anderson along with the NYC Office on Emergency Management will be hosting a live simulation at the Anti-Summit where you will get a chance to innovate in real-time and tackle a real-world disaster. Talk about everything you knew about disaster relief being flipped on its head!

Desi goes more into detail in this video where she shares short stories of disasters and the technology design her team used in each instance.

Innovation comes in many forms. One can even argue that principles learned from disaster innovation can even be applied in and out of the office, sort of like a real-life emergency kit. What’s your business doing to prepare itself for what you don’t know is coming?

image credit: USAID U.S. Agency for International Development

originally posted on: RELEVENTS

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