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Unpacking the Geography of Crowd Capital

From a presentation we found stalking Yannig Roth, who’s becoming a go-to voice on crowdsourcing, from the Open & User Innovation Conference, at Harvard Business School, with two fellow crowdsourcing researchers from Canada (Prashant Shukla & John Prpic).

The talk, titled “Is the World Flat? Unpacking the Geography of Crowd Capital,” presented early results of a research about crowdsourcing participation across the globe. And, editors’ note, we welcome more SlideShares on current innovation content from our contributors.

Yannig Roth

Yannig Roth is currently Marketing Manager at eYeka and PhD student at University Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris (France). His main research interests are creative crowdsourcing and community co-creation. Yannig regularly blogs at yannigroth.com and tweets under @YannigRoth

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